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Crypto Asia in Review

As imToken is based here in Asia, let us present what happened around us over the last weeks:

AliPay Launches Digital Yuan Model For Select Users. For now, the function is only available to users that have been whitelisted by AliPay though. (More)

Recently, Ripple acquired 40% stakes in Asia remittance payments firm Tranglo to expand their on-demand liquidity service (see more). After that, it launched Cambodia’s first international remittance service that uses blockchain rails. (More)

The percentage of Bitcoin miners located in China is dropping, and some of the original resident miners in China are also relocating. In theory…

imToken 2.9.1 now has full support for Eth2 key generation and staking-as-a-service custody with InfStones.

More on our new Eth2 feature on our latest blog:

If you have no idea what staking-as-a-service custody is, please refer to The pros and cons of different Eth2 staking solutions, which explains why and how this staking solution guarantees the ownership and control of users’ assets through transparent node information, and how the user can rest assured about node operation, node validation and maintenance services.

With your 32 ETH ready, the following guide will walk you through the steps of staking to get a validator node on the Beacon Chain.

Step 1

Click on “Eth2 Staking” to enter the…

Pay less fee and get a chance to win

Have you had a chance to check out imToken 2.9.1?Now we have native support for zkSync, a Layer2 solution that allows transfers with cost below $1!

Come and join the campaign to get an exclusive imToken 5th Anniversary POAP badge and win $1200!

Say goodbye to sky-high gas fees with zkSync transfer

Time: May 13th 14:00 — May 16th 16:00 (SGT)

How to participate?

Step 1: Retweet & follow imToken twitter

Step 2: To complete a transaction via imToken’s zkSync wallet and fill out this form with the zkSync-TX ID as well as your wallet address.

Step3: Once you have completed step 2, you’ll get a chance to win $1200 (only two…

Generate your Eth2 withdrawal key pair in 1 click and keep it safe on your phone. Stake on Eth2 with InfStones’ service and more.

Eth2 staking is here, and many people are already staking ETH on Eth2 beacon chain. The deposit contract is already holding 4 million ETH, which is around 3.4% of all ETH currently in circulation.

However, it’s still hard for many people to actually participate in ETH staking. Users often have to use either convenient, but custodial solutions or a command line interface. However, your favorite wallet is here to help.

We are happy to finally present: Full support for Eth2 key generation and native staking with InfStones on imToken. With this update you can now:

  • Manage your Ethereum 2.0 wallet

Support custom node and zkSync

In the past month, we released two versions.

Miner fees too expensive? Slow transfer speeds? Try Layer2!

Layer2 is a performance enhancement solution proposed by the Ethereum community and developers. To help you access the Layer2 ecosystem quickly, imToken has launched the custom node feature, which allows you to experience the long-lost “inclusive” finance.

In addition, imToken is deeply integrated with zkSync, a Layer2 scaling solution based on ZK Rollup, which gives you a millisecond…

Let’s see how you can use TTSwap on your imToken wallet

ThunderCore is a public chain compatible with EVM. The goal of it is to build an efficient and secure decentralized public chain. imToken now supports the ThunderCore chain with a function of custom node that allows users to freely use various DApps and tokens on ThunderCore.

TTSwap is a leading decentralized exchange on the ThunderCore chain. The Automated Market Maker (AMM) of TTSwap deployed on ThunderCore. TTSwap allows users to exchange different tokens on the Thundercore chain, provides liquidity to the pool and creates pairs.

How to switch to ThunderCore node on imToken

1. Open imToken wallet, click “My Profile” at the bottom right corner. …

Last Friday, we had Alex Gluchowski join us on Wechat for an Ask-Me-Anything session. We translated the questions and Alex’ answers below. Enjoy!

<Begin transcript>

Nour (imToken): Before we share the theme, let the two guests briefly introduce themselves.

Alex: Hi everyone, my name is Alex Gluchowski. I’m CEO and co-founder of Matter Labs and we are creators of zkSync. Our mission is to help scale blockchains, and help to make it accessible in everyday life for millions of people. I’m really excited to be here. I’m especially happy to have an AMA with the Chinese community. I’ve spent a…

New version of dYdX has just been released, which is a Layer 2 protocol for cross-margined perpetuals, based on StarkWare’s StarkEx scalability engine and dYdX’s Perpetual smart contracts.

Traders can expect significantly lower gas costs, and in turn, much lower trading fees and minimum trade sizes.

The benefits we like most:

  • Zero gas cost
  • Instant settlement
  • Cross-margin perpetuals
  • Reduced minimum trade sizes
  • Significantly lower trading fees
  • Higher Leverage & Lower Liquidation Penalties

Learn more about it on dYdX’s blog below:

Now, let’s try the new version of dYdX on imToken.

  1. Open imToken then go to 「Browser」and search 「dYdX」

Today, we are announcing our partnership with the infrastructure provider InfStones. The staking service company has been successfully providing Eth2 and other staking services for industry heavyweights such as Binance, BitGo and Circle. We are delighted to work with them on enabling Eth2 staking to our users right in the imToken app.

Zhenwu Shi, Founder of InfStones, said, “We are very happy to cooperate with imToken this time. As the entrance to connect tens of millions of users and the blockchain open network ecosystem, imToken allows our services to benefit the wider crypto community. …

Totally $4,500 MDX For Grabs!

We are very happy to announce that imToken is teaming up with MDEX to celebrate the recent custom nodes feature and the integration of MDEX into imToken, give our communities a fantastic opportunity to grab airdrop!

Follow Twitter, Join Community and Add Liquidity On MDEX

Event Duration: 12:00 April 5th — 12:00 April 12th, UTC

All you have to do:

Activity tasks:

  1. Follow both imToken & MDEX on Twitter, and join the MDEX Telegram community.
  2. Retweet this twitter activity and @3 friends.
  3. Add liquidity for either MDX-ETH or MDX-USDT trading pairs. Once done, you will get either a MDX-ETH LP or MDX-USDT LP ( proof of transaction pair liquidity)…


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