Did you also hear of friends and other crypto users who lost tokens because their device was hacked?

Staying secure sometimes feels hard or even impossible, but 20 minutes of understanding the basics can already help to prevent most of the issues our imToken security team sees on a weekly basis.

To get started and understand the very basics, read our basic security tips first.

Today, we will get more into depth and show you how to defend your computer in 10 easy steps.

Ways to defend yourself and keep your computer safer

First, learn the basics of staying safe in our earlier post.

The probably most obvious way…

What is MCDEX ?

MCDEX is a fully-permissionless DEX for trading perpetual contracts, powered by MCDEX’s own AMM technology.

The MCDEX’s protocol V3 is fully permissionless with several pain-killer features:

  • Immensely lower fee
  • Market- top liquidity — For instance: In the USDC pool, you can trade 500ETH or 40BTC without any slippage with 6M liquidity
  • Faster trading experiences, on par with centralized exchanges
  • Up to 25x leverage

Now, it has gone live on the Arbitrum mainnet.

Switching to Arbitrum

Enter the ETH wallet’s asset page and click “Ethereum Mainnet” under “Wallet”. …

Arbitrum One’s data has ushered in explosive growth and will open the permission-free token bridge function.

Since Arbitrum One mainnet public beta went live on 1st September, its on-chain activities have ushered in explosive growth.

According to Arabiscan.io, the number of daily transactions on the Arbitrum reached a record of 267,608 transactions on September 12th; the number of unique addresses reached 83,905, which was 12 times that of the initial launch; currently there are more than 700 contracts deployed on the chain.

According to L2Beat, the L2 network information aggregator platform, Arbitrum’s TVL (total volume locked) reached US$2.2 …

We are delighted to be partnering with NFTGO to support their dashboard to help our users explore the NFT market in depth and manage NFT assets with ease.

The collaboration will be focused on NFT data and technical integrations. With a shared vision of growth in the NFT ecosystem, the integration of NFTGO and imToken will mutually benefit both platforms.

  • NFTGO will partner with imToken on technical integration, and support imToken with NFT data, including data interface, NFT industry report, data service
  • imToken will integrate NFTGO into its resource list and support all NFTGO users with links to imToken wallets…

Welcome to the fourth version of the security newsletter in which we dissect scams found by our security team. We hope to bring you some insight and more protection against common scams.

In August, our security team marked 6 tokens, 55 DApps and 295 addresses as risky.

Read our earlier newsletters below:

#1 Fake websites and wallets

#2 Exchange customer service scams

#3 Crypto wallet scams: Fake Apps, texts and Mnemonics

In this one, we’ll explain how phishing websites and ‘approve’ scams work so that you can recognize and avoid these scams.

Phishing websites

When visiting websites, you may not pay much…

What is BSC?

BSC is the abbreviation of Binance Smart Chain. The chain adopts PoSA (Proof of Staked Authority), which means holders of BNB (BSC’s native token) vote to select 21 validators that are responsible for on-chain transaction verification and block production.

Since BSC is EMV-compatible, developers can easily deploy smart contracts and build DApps on the chain. Compared with Ethereum, BSC has lower gas fees and faster transaction settlement with lower security guarantees.

With imToken wallet we do not only support BSC DApps and watching token balances but also the DeFi Portfolio feature, providing a holistic BSC experience.

How to download the imToken wallet?

To get started, download…


Chainlink, a decentralized oracle protocol, goes live on Optimism

The decentralized oracle protocol, Chainlink, announced that it was officially launched on the Ethereum scaling network, Optimistic Ethereum, to provide various market price feeds for the network.

Chainlink stated that Synthetix has integrated Chainlink price feeds in Optimistic Ethereum, enabling low-latency and low-cost oracle data updates. In addition, the integration supports synthetic asset trading on Kwenta, option trading on Lyra, and binary options of Thales.

Further reading:


What is DAS?

DAS (Decentralized Account Systems) is an open-source account system that is compatible with all public chains and is fully controlled by users. Users can use DAS as a domain name and digital asset collection account.

imToken supports the DAS DApp. You can experience DAS’s cross-chain domain name service through imToken. Let us experience it together~

How to download the imToken wallet?

There are three ways to download imToken wallet: official website https://token.im, App Store and Google Play

Android phone users: Google Play and official website scan the code to download APK installation package.

Please look for the only official website address of imToken https://token.im,

If you are interested in a few scams our security team has observed over the years, read our posts on fake customer exchanges and fake wallet listings.

Now let’s see how to stay secure.

One-time setup to start staying more secure

Look yourself up on haveibeenpwned.com

Websites get hacked all the time. And with that, your email and password lands on the web, for people to buy or sometimes completely free.

Have I Been Pwned is a website run by a friendly Microsoft employee who gathers all the password data breaches he can, and lets you search your email address (and phone number).

If the website shows that your email has been…

On August 10, StaFi and us jointly organized an NFT event:

We received a large number of excellent works in various forms. After an extensive evaluation, the jury selected 23 outstanding works for the shortlist.

These works will be participating in the September 19th exhibit at The Art Space. Based on the judges’ scores and user vote results the final winners will be selected and awarded during the ceremony at the opening of the art exhibition.

Timeline: September 19th — October 31st

Location: Shanghai, The Art Space

The finalists

Artists — Artwork

Tongxixi -Flower Series

Yin Zheng — sand dunes; detached; tangping


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