An introduction to MakerDAO’s Optimism DAI Bridge

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In an Optimistic Rollup, it is assumed that transactions are valid by default. Only in the event of a challenge are fraud proofs run. …

Many people who are new in the crypto market interact with projects via wallets, like MetaMask or imToken. I sure trust the wallet like my banking app, and you sure do too. …

Optimism published a post announcing that the “one-click EVM contract deployment” function will be launched in October.

Recently, Optimism published an article “The Future of Optimistic Ethereum”, announcing that it will upgrade the network in October, so that developers can deploy EVM contracts to Optimism with one click. This move is a significant part of the “mission of bringing native Ethereum to layer two”.

Optimism also stated…

We are happy to announce that imToken is now offering full support for Avalanche via EVM integration. The non-custodial iOS and Android wallet let users experience DApps on Avalanche and handle their assets and DeFi portfolio in one place.

The latest version of imToken lets users watch their asset balances…

Did you also hear of friends and other crypto users who lost tokens because their device was hacked?

Staying secure sometimes feels hard or even impossible, but 20 minutes of understanding the basics can already help to prevent most of the issues our imToken security team sees on a weekly…

Learn how to use MCDEX on Arbitrum One with your imToken wallet

What is MCDEX ?

MCDEX is a fully-permissionless DEX for trading perpetual contracts, powered by MCDEX’s own AMM technology.

The MCDEX’s protocol V3 is fully permissionless with several pain-killer features:

  • Immensely lower fee
  • Market- top liquidity — For instance: In the USDC pool, you can trade 500ETH or 40BTC without…

Arbitrum One’s data has ushered in explosive growth and will open the permission-free token bridge function.

Since Arbitrum One mainnet public beta went live on 1st September, its on-chain activities have ushered in explosive growth.

According to, the number of daily transactions on the Arbitrum reached a record of 267,608 transactions on September 12th; the number of unique addresses reached 83,905, which was 12 times…

imToken supports NFT dashboard NFTGO

We are delighted to be partnering with NFTGO to support their dashboard to help our users explore the NFT market in depth and manage NFT assets with ease.

The collaboration will be focused on NFT data and technical integrations. With a shared vision of growth in the NFT ecosystem, the…

Welcome to the fourth version of the security newsletter in which we dissect scams found by our security team. We hope to bring you some insight and more protection against common scams.

In August, our security team marked 6 tokens, 55 DApps and 295 addresses as risky.

Read our earlier…

An introduction on how to start with using BSC on the imToken wallet

What is BSC?

BSC is the abbreviation of Binance Smart Chain. The chain adopts PoSA (Proof of Staked Authority), which means holders of BNB (BSC’s native token) vote to select 21 validators that are responsible for on-chain transaction verification and block production.

Since BSC is EMV-compatible, developers can easily deploy smart contracts and…


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