Cronos is the first Cosmos EVM chain for DeFi, NFTs and Metaverse. It aims to massively scale the DeFi and decentralized application ecosystem, by providing developers with the ability to instantly port apps from Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains. With low cost, high throughput, fast finality, and built-in interoperability, Cronos is…

We’re pleased to announce that imToken now supports Avalanche, one of the fastest smart contracts platforms in the blockchain industry.

Benefits of using Avalanche with imToken

  • Switch quickly between Ethereum and Avalanche without setting up RPC manually
  • Experience the most popular DApps such as Aave and Curve by entering “Ecosystem DApps” with one click

Getting started

First, download imToken wallet via

Launch imToken after the installation is complete, click “Create Identity” and fill in your identity name…


Wallet for Ethereum ETH, Bitcoin BTC, Polkadot DOT, Kusama KSM, LTC, EOS, Tron TRX, Cosmos ATOM, BCH, Nervos and more

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