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From now on, we start to update the information of new Dapps that we integrated for everybody. We’d love you to comment on your idea or advice or your preference on here for building better Dapp environments.

Reflexer RAI

A decentralized, stable and non pegged currency made for the digital economy. Try out here.

Learn how to find a fitting Eth2 staking solution for your ETH right in your mobile wallet

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In the post below, we show you how to stake ETH on Eth2, right in your imToken wallet already today. We also talk about benefits and downsides of different providers and approaches.

Different ways to stake your ETH

The ways you can stake your ETH with differences in security and complexity. Let’s see how to evaluate security.

To stake ETH, you send ETH to a smart contract and receive something like a voucher for 32 ETH on the beacon chain (i.e. the current Eth2 chain).

At the same time, you create a wallet on the beacon chain. Similar to Eth1 wallets, you only *truly* own the…

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Wow, what a ride: The crypto markets jumping from all-time-high to all-time-high. All the while Wall Street gets challenged by the internet crowd pumping their own GME bags. Their logic next step? To look into crypto. 🐕

While waiting for mass adoption, let’s take a look at the latest news below.

Crypto Asia in Review

As imToken is based here in Asia, let us present what happened around us over the last weeks:

Starting with Wall Street Bets. Hong Kong-based crypto exchange, FTX, adds GME, Doge and others. (See

As usual when markets pump, Bitcoin rallies and Chinese media warn that ‘bitcoin trading…

We talked about Tezos’ competition, future and much more 🐰

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Last Friday, we had Arthur Breitman join us on Wechat for an Ask-Me-Anything session. We translated the questions and Arthur’s answer below. Enjoy!

<Begin Transcript>

Nour (imToken): Before we share our topic, let’s have our guest Arthur briefly introduce himself.
Hello Arthur.

Arthur: Hi everyone, I’m Arthur Breitman, I’m the co-founder of Tezos. Thank you for coming to this AMA. I’m here to answer your questions. So please feel free…

We are officially supporting Tezos in imToken and imKey Tron on the hardware wallet

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Happy new year 2021 to all our fans! We are starting the year by releasing the new version of the imToken wallet.

New in this version:

  • Manage your Tezos digital assets in imToken wallet for experience transfers and baking;
  • imKey Update: Complete TRX transfer through imKey;
  • More performance improvements and fixes

Update on your favorite app store now:

Update to the latest imToken to send, receive, watch prices, delegate your XTZ

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Today, we are excited to announce support for Tezos. You can update your imToken to the latest version to experience all of Tezos.

  • Create a new Tezos account/address
  • Import & Backup Tezos account
  • View Tezos balance & transaction history
  • Send and receive Tez
  • Delegate and undelegate Tez
  • Watch baking rewards and accrued Tez

On top, we decided to offer our own Tezos baker. You can decide to bake with imToken’s baker or other popular bakers in your wallet. This is special, as we are happy to not only offer the above features but also participate in securing the Tezos blockchain.

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ETH and BTC are climbing to all-time-highs, while we are busy building. Also: The new Tokenlon DEX aggregator. Read more below.

Crypto Asia in Review

We are based in Asia, so here are our interesting, recent news bits:

Bitcoin hits $40k and prices of Korean exchanges again highest (read more at Decrypt), followed by US exchanges, and Asian exchanges having the lowest (read more here).

Meanwhile, Suzhou’s CBDC trial sees 96,614 residents awarded red envelopes with the digital currency and about 19 million digital yuan spent. Read more on 8btc). The Block has a video on how it actually looks like here.

Miners are…

Our built-in DEX Tokenlon DEX now aggregates professional market makers, Uniswap and Curve. For a best-price guarantee!

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We had token swap features already in 2018, but nothing comes close to the latest update of Tokenlon.

As always, now on your favorite app store:

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What is a DApp?

A DApp, or decentralized application, is a software application that runs on a distributed network. It’s hosted on a peer-to-peer decentralised network, rather than on a centralized server. Currently, a lot of DApp are based on Ethereum and TRON.

What are high-risk DApps?

High-risk DApps such as Forsage or Etherchain are those which have the bearing of a pyramid or Ponzi-scheme. Notable warning signs include the following:

  1. A guaranteed promise of high returns with little risk
  2. Claim to be decentralized and fully transparent, while they are not
  3. A consistent flow of returns regardless of market conditions
  4. Claim they are cooperating with well-known wallets, exchanges…

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As we all know, imToken is a decentralized wallet. What does it mean? It means that the mnemonic phrase and private key are controlled by you completely — you are the only owner of the wallet. We have several tips to help you keep the asset safe.


Some users have reported that there are scammers trying to reach them privately and send malicious download links. Please remember that imToken team will never contact you via pm, nor request your confidential information.

The imToken Fans Group channel on Telegram is not an official imToken chat room.

For imToken support, always email…


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