Beyond Boundaries: The Power of imToken’s Connectivity

5 min readDec 21, 2023


As a leading multi-chain wallet, imToken not only provides reliable asset management services but also enables users to seamlessly navigate various DApps and effortlessly connect to different types of wallets through its connecting feature.

Multi-network, Cross-platform DApp Connections

imToken supports Ethereum and all EVM-compatible chains such as Optimism, Arbitrum, and Polygon. Users can switch between networks with a single click at the top of the wallet or quickly add them through imToken’s EVM Box without manually entering any parameters. Leveraging imToken’s built-in DApp browser, users can access and use a variety of DApps on these networks without leaving the wallet.

On the asset page of mainstream Layer2s and EVM-compatible chains, imToken also provides a “DApp’’ entrance, gathering popular DApps on the respective networks for users to easily explore and experience.

By supporting WalletConnect, imToken achieves seamless cross-device connectivity. When users use a DApp on a computer, selecting imToken or WalletConnect to connect the wallet allows for smooth switching from the mobile to the computer. As long as the DApp supports WalletConnect, users can interact with imToken permissionlessly.

When connecting to a DApp, users can see the connection request and easily authorize access to networks such as Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Gnosis Chain, and others by simply tapping “Approve”.

To address potential malicious signatures during DApp interactions, imToken has optimized the risk control system. imToken marks and bans DApps with identified risks to ensure the security of user assets.

Additionally, the asset page features an “Revoke” entrance where users can view authorization details on different chains, including authorized spender and approved amount. If any risky authorizations are identified, users can promptly revoke them.

This design opens up infinite possibilities for secure and seamless interaction between users and DApps, truly achieving a borderless Web3 experience.

Secure and Seamless Wallet Connections

Effortlessly connecting to imToken is ensured through a QR-based connection; users, whether with a hardware or extension wallet, need no additional permissions, as long as their wallet aligns with EIP-4527.

QR code connection is a method based on the ERC-4527 protocol, facilitating the secure and convenient transfer of data between an offline wallet (hardware wallet or imToken in offline mode) and a watch-only wallet (extension wallet or imToken in online mode), ensuring the security of transaction signing by the offline wallet.

Connecting Hardware Wallets

For users seeking the highest level of security, imToken supports connecting to hardware wallets such as imKey and Keystone. The collaboration of hardware wallets with imToken provides dual protection for users’ digital assets.

Hardware wallets store private keys offline through a dedicated security chip, ensuring that the private key is disconnected from the internet and preventing the possibility of hackers stealing the key through the network. Many hardware wallets support dual authentication mechanisms, such as PIN codes and fingerprint recognition, further strengthening the protection of private keys.

Moreover, imToken enhances the user experience by displaying transaction details before requesting a hardware wallet signature, ensuring users intuitively understand the transaction. This seamless process combines the user-friendly interface of imToken with the security of hardware wallet cold storage, offering a perfect balance of convenience and security.

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Connecting Extension Wallets

Users can easily create a cold wallet by installing the latest imToken on an idle smartphone, ensuring that the network is disconnected. Subsequently, connecting this cold wallet to extension wallets such as MetaMask or Rabby allows users to track the wallet account on the chain.

Taking the example of connecting with MetaMask, opening the account details page of the imToken wallet, clicking on “Connect with other wallets,” imToken will display a QR code containing address information. Users can then use MetaMask to scan the QR code and import this information to start tracking their imToken wallet.

In the course of transactions, the extension wallet transforms unsigned transactions into QR codes. Users can simply use imToken to scan the QR code, revealing transaction details for confirmation. Should users approve the transaction and choose to sign it, imToken will execute the signature, producing a new QR code complete with the signed transaction.

Finally, users can use the extension wallet to scan this QR code with the signature and send the signed transaction to the Ethereum network. Throughout this process, the private key remains offline, ensuring the overall security. This allows users to enjoy the security of offline storage for private keys and the convenience of transactions.

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imToken’s powerful connectivity capabilities are not only evident in its seamless integration with the DApp ecosystem but also in its broad support and compatibility with various wallet types. Whether you’re new to blockchain or an experienced player, imToken offers the most fitting solution for managing your digital assets.

About imToken

imToken, a Series-B blockchain technology company headquartered in Singapore, is inspired to make digital life equally accessible to everyone, and we are committed to creating digital wallets that are simple to use, safe and secure for every user. Since its founding in 2016, imToken has served tens of millions of users in more than 150 countries worldwide. The support for hardware wallet, decentralized exchange and a built-in DApp browser also enables users to securely and seamlessly interact with the Web3 world.

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