How to claim airdrop in your wallet?

1 min readJan 14, 2022


Photo by Daniel Eledut on Unsplash is a website that shows you how much ETH you spent on gas fees (i.e. miner fees on Ethereum).

As anticipated, they dropped a token:

Here is how to claim $WTF airdrop

  1. Download imToken from Google Play, App Store or our official website
  2. Click “Browser” in imToken, enter in the search bar
  3. Login and click “Unlock”

A new flavor of airdrop

Here’s a fee on the fee drop (no pun intended) + gas. So be sure to calculate whether it’s worth claiming the drop to you!

Also, sharing a screenshot or your address doxxes your address. That is, if you post a screenshot or your address on twitter, everybody is able to publicly connect your address to yourself, they know who you are.

So, flex responsibly!




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