imToken and Hardware Wallets: Uncompromised Protection, Unparalleled Convenience

5 min readDec 5, 2023

Ensuring top-notch security, seamless transfers, and convenient multi-chain asset management are paramount for users. imToken now facilitates QR-based connection with hardware wallets, achieving a perfect balance of security and convenience.

What is a QR-based connection?

QR-based connection is a method based on the ERC-4527 that involves the transfer of data between imToken and a hardware wallet using a QR code. This ensures both the security and convenience of the hardware wallet in signing transactions.

The process consists of two key steps:

1. Connection: The hardware wallet connects with imToken by scanning a QR code and transfers address information to imToken (a one-time operation).

2. Transaction: When initiating a transaction, QR codes are used to transfer transaction and signature information between imToken and the hardware wallet. imToken then broadcasts this transaction to the network.

Throughout the data transfer process, the hardware wallet’s private key and signature remain offline, ensuring security.

Why connect a hardware wallet to imToken?

Convenient asset management

imToken supports Ethereum and all EVM-compatible chains such as Optimism, Arbitrum, and Polygon. With no need to manually enter parameters, you can easily switch networks with one click at the top of the wallet or quickly add them via imToken’s EVM Box. This enables you to view your hardware wallet assets across chains, without the hassle of network switching.

Seamless Asset Management

imToken clearly organizes your assets into token, NFT, and DeFi on the wallet page to give you a streamlined overview. Any assets stored on your connected hardware wallet can be viewed under corresponding sections. Moreover, with just one click you can manage your on-chain financial products and go to the related DApps to optimize your DeFi portfolio.

To facilitate safer transactions, anytime you initiate a transaction that requires hardware wallet authorization, the details of the signed information are clearly displayed on imToken prior to signature request. This enables intuitive comprehension of transactions to minimize potential errors or unnecessary risks from malformed details.

Upon conducting your initial transfer to an address, imToken will prompt you to confirm the accuracy of the address. During token authorization, it will provide details such as the authorized amount, duration, and contract information for your review. Additionally, when engaging in token swaps, the interface will present clear information on the specific alterations in token amounts, aiding you in assessing whether the swap aligns with your expectations.

Convenience at your fingertip

Seamless transactions

To facilitate a seamless entry into Web3, imToken has incorporated a ‘Get Tokens’ feature on the wallet page. Through this gateway, users can effortlessly acquire tokens through various methods such as purchasing through MoonPay, withdrawing from exchanges, or transferring from other wallets.

When sending tokens, you’ll notice three options for gas fees: fastest, standard, and economy. Each option clearly indicates the estimated transaction time, allowing for an intuitive understanding of transaction speeds under different fee levels, enabling you to make optimal decisions. If a delay occurs due to selecting a lower gas fee, imToken wallet also provides an acceleration feature to promptly address the situation.

Furthermore, imToken includes a decentralized token exchange feature, supporting token swapping on various chains such as Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, and more. By accessing imToken’s market page, you can complete swapping with just a simple click within the wallet, eliminating the need for cumbersome token deposit and withdrawal processes.

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Top-notch security

Digital asset theft commonly arises from problems linked to malicious authorizations and the exposure of private keys. Yet, by integrating imToken with hardware wallets, we can effectively tackle these issues.

In light of the increasing occurrences of malicious signature activities, imToken has systematically upgraded the risk control system.

1. We identify and block risky tokens, addresses, and DApps

2. When transferring funds to a contract address, the system issues a reminder to help users avoid financial losses due to inadvertent operations.

3. When authorizing an account, prompts are provided to reduce the risk of accidental authorizations.

imToken active Security

This extensive effort has notably strengthened the defense capabilities of the risk control system.

Additionally, imToken’s wallet page has a “Revoke” section. Here, you can quickly review and revoke any risky authorizations for your address on various chains.

imToken teams with hardware wallets for uncompromised protection

Hardware wallets employ specialized chips for offline storage of private keys, ensuring the private key is never exposed to the internet, thus mitigating the risk of hacking attempts. These wallets often feature dual-factor authentication methods such as PIN codes and fingerprint recognition, and incorporate anti-tampering mechanisms that trigger self-destruction in the event of unauthorized access.

In conjunction with imToken, hardware wallets offer a dual layer of protection for users’ digital assets. By utilizing a hardware wallet to sign transactions, the private key remains securely within the hardware device, effectively safeguarding it from potential online threats. Beyond this, imToken enhances security through proactive measures such as blocking risky addresses, tokens and DApps, and the issuance of prompts during critical operations. Together, these security features contribute to an elevated level of safety for users’ digital assets.


We fully understand that the security and convenience of digital assets are paramount concerns for users. Therefore, through a deep collaboration with hardware wallets, imToken seamlessly combines these seemingly contradictory demands, allowing you to explore the limitless possibilities of Web3 with peace of mind.

In addition to connecting with hardware wallets like Keystone through scanning QR codes, imToken also supports Bluetooth connectivity with imKey hardware wallets. This enables the collaborative management of assets across multiple chains, including Bitcoin, TRON, Ethereum, and more.

Moving forward, we will continue to strengthen our collaboration with hardware wallets, introducing innovative technologies to enhance security while further simplifying operational processes.

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