Use imToken as a Cold Wallet to Connect to Extension Wallets for Enhanced Security

4 min readDec 14, 2023


imToken supports connecting third-party extension wallets through QR code scanning. QR code connection is a method based on the ERC-4527 protocol, facilitating the secure and convenient transfer of data between an offline wallet (aka cold wallet) and a watch-only wallet, ensuring the security of transaction signing by the offline wallet.

The process consists of two key steps:

1. Connection: The offline wallet connects with the watch-only wallet by scanning a QR code and transfers the address information to the watch-only wallet (a one-time operation).

2. Transaction: When initiating a transaction, QR codes are used to transfer transaction and signature information between the offline wallet and the watch-only wallet. The watch-only wallet then broadcasts this transaction to the network.

Throughout the entire process, the private key of the offline wallet is consistently disconnected from the network.

imToken in Offline Mode

imToken supports ERC-4527, you can turn off the network on your phone to set imToken as an offline wallet and connect to other extension wallets that support ERC-4527 (such as MetaMask, Rabby) through the QR code connection feature.

Setting Up Watch-Only Wallets

If you want to set MetaMask as a watch-only wallet to track your imToken account, you need to provide the address info about the offline wallet. You can open the account detail page in imToken, click “Connect with other wallets”, and imToken will display a QR code containing address information. Then scan it with MetaMask to import this information and start tracking your imToken wallet.

But MetaMask cannot sign transactions without the private keys on the offline device. To complete a transaction, the watch-only wallet must obtain the signature from imToken.

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Transmitting Transactions

When you want to send tokens, the watch-only wallet will encode the unsigned transaction into a QR code.

You scan this QR code with imToken in offline mode. It will display the transaction details for you to review and confirm. If you approve, imToken will sign with the private key and generate a QR code with the signature.

Finally, you use the watch-only wallet to scan this signature QR code and broadcast the transaction to the Ethereum network. Your private keys stay offline throughout for security.

The Benefits of Using imToken in Offline Mode

Utilizing Old Smartphones

Given the swift evolution of smart devices, repurposing your idle old smartphone by installing the latest imToken allows you to effortlessly create an offline wallet, ensuring the private key remains disconnected from the internet. This also serves as a practical way to make use of old phones.

Heightened Security

Airgapped imToken securely stores the user’s private key offline on the local device, mitigating potential risks such as data leaks and cyberattacks that online wallets might be susceptible to. This significantly bolsters the security of assets.

Enhanced User Experience

imToken facilitates asset management across various chains, including Ethereum, Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum, Mantle, and more. Users can utilize extension wallets like MetaMask and Rabby as watch-only wallets, managing tokens on multiple chains within imToken.

Upcoming Integrations

imToken has plans to integrate additional extension wallets in the future, promising users an even more user-friendly product experience for efficient wallet management.

About imToken

imToken, a Series-B blockchain technology company headquartered in Singapore, is inspired to make digital life equally accessible to everyone, and we are committed to creating digital wallets that are simple to use, safe and secure for every user. Since its founding in 2016, imToken has served tens of millions of users in more than 150 countries worldwide. The support for hardware wallet, decentralized exchange and a built-in DApp browser also enables users to securely and seamlessly interact with the Web3 world.

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