StaFi is a decentralized protocol that provides a liquidity solution for Eth2 staking. It allows users whos staking amount is less than 32 ETH to participate in Eth2 staking and receiving the liquidity token rETH.

Currently, Eth 2.0’s Merge is expected to open after 2021. Therefore, withdrawing your ETH is only be retrieved when the transfer opens. However, with rETH, users can exchange rETH to ETH at any time on decentralized exchanges such as Curve and Uniswap.

1.Open imToken then go to ‘Browser’ and search ‘rETH’

Start using DAS for domain name services, on imToken

We are pleased to announce that imToken has entered into a partnership with DAS (Decentralized Account Systems), an open source domain system. DAS is compatible with all public chains, with full ownership by the user. As a decentralized wallet, we are excited to give our users domain names with crypto accounts.

The DAS DApp is now officially available on imToken, and users can experience the cross-chain domain name service of DAS through imToken.

About DAS

A future-proof, decentralized account system. Unlike centralized account systems, such as cell phone numbers/email/social accounts, DAS offers a decentralized and open sourced approach to account systems. …

Stay alert!

Below, we dive into the story of a recently popular scam our users reported to us. We hope everybody can learn something!🧐 If you have any question, you can reach us at 🙏

Exchange customer service scams

One day at noon, I received a call from someone who stated he was from Huobi, a well-known Chinese exchange, and asked if I was Mr. xxx. He informed me that my account was at risk, suspected of black money trading, and the funds had been frozen.

At that time, China’s regulatory policies were tightening and I took him for his word that my account was…

Thanks to Subscan, imToken users can view and verify on-chain data of tokens on the Polkadot ecosystem

Now, we are happy to announce that we officially integrated the Subscan API in our latest version 2.9.4 app. This provides imToken users with easy access to view and verify Polkadot on-chain data.

Building a reliable decentralized digital asset wallet has always been the goal of the imToken team. In the next version of the product, we will focus on optimizing asset management for our users.

Therefore, we will establish a long-term, close partnership with Subscan, a third-party data service provider in the Polkadot ecosystem to, to provide imToken users a stable, robust and accurate Polkadot on-chain data services, with…

Amazing update for EVM-compatible chains, and smooth Layer 2 experience

With imToken 2.8.4 version supporting custom node function and EIP3085, imToken has been working hard to explore the smooth experience of Layer2. Meanwhile imToken always put safety as a top priority, this new version made a lot of efforts around “EVM compatible chain asset management” and “security” aspect, with a look :)

This update follows 👇👇👇

  • More friendly support for Polygon, xDai, Fantom, BSC, HECO, OKEx …
  • … Support token display for all EVM chains
  • … Optimized node switching with color
  • … Add DApp quick entry
  • Use imKey hardware wallet to transfer and receive Nervos (CKB)
  • Tron security update
  • More…

To use Mibao on imToken to send and receive Mibao NFTs

Mibao is an NFT platform that is launched by Nervina Labs, an eco-team of the blockchain Nervos. NFT players can explore various interesting NFTs in Mibao, transferring and collecting their favorite NFTs.

Users can also receive and transfer Mibao NFTs with their Ethereum wallet addresses.

Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial of using Mibao in imToken.

1. Search for “Mibao” in imToken “Browse”. After you open “Mibao”, you can see an assortment of NFTs such as Art, Memento, Photography etc .

We now support EthSign, a decentralized platform for signing agreements on chain

What is EthSign?

EthSign is a decentralized, versioned electronic agreement signing application built for Web3. The team behind EthSign wants to solve the pain points of traditional electronic signatures through blockchain technology.

If users want to verify the signature and retrieve the signed agreement by traditional electronic signatures, they have to obtain permission from the service provider first. Once the e-signature service provider goes bankrupt, the data on the server will also be deleted.

With EthSign, users can sign electronic agreements on the blockchain with better reliability and view the status of the agreement at any time.

How to use EthSign on imToken?

  1. Search and open “EthSign” on the…

New DeFi portfolio manager

Thanks to DeBank’s Open API, imToken 2.9.3 released this month introduced the “DeFi Portfolio” feature. This feature lets you manage all your DeFi balances such as loans, AMM, DEX balances, farms, yield aggregators and more.

imToken now supports all asset classes (tokens, DeFi, NFT) to help users manage their digital assets more comprehensively.

The latest Layer 2 to go mainnet, here is how to start

At imToken we recently added support for custom node connections. For you as a user that means, you are able to use DApps and send tokens on many new Layer 2 chains. Arbitrum is one Layer 2 that got more attention recently. So let’s dive into it below!

Arbitrum is an optimistic rollup. That’s a layer 2 solution which allows Ethereum smart contracts to scale by taking the load of the Ethereum mainnet while maintaining the promises of decentralization.

As a blockchain users Arbitrum brings some advantages to your experience with Ethereum applications:

  • ✔️Low cost and high throughput capabilities: Say…

Our tutorial on everything Polygon

Polygon (formerly known as Matic Network) is a structured, easy-to-use platform for Layer 2 and infrastructure development.

Polygon plans to be the first Layer2 solution aggregator on Ethereum, building a modular, universal and flexible scaling framework for Ethereum. A growing number of DeFi projects such as UMA, Aavegotchi, EasyFi and others already support integration with the Polygon network.

Currently, OKEx has announced its support for the Polygon ecosystem, stating that users can now transfer 23 assets from the Polygon network directly to its trading platform, saving more on transfer fees while enjoying faster transfers.

Update to the latest imToken app…


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