Learn how to use MCDEX on Arbitrum One with your imToken wallet

  • Immensely lower fee
  • Market- top liquidity — For instance: In the USDC pool, you can trade 500ETH or 40BTC without any slippage with 6M liquidity
  • Faster trading experiences, on par with centralized exchanges
  • Up to 25x leverage

Switching to Arbitrum

Arbitrum One’s data has ushered in explosive growth and will open the permission-free token bridge function.

imToken supports NFT dashboard NFTGO

  • NFTGO will partner with imToken on technical integration, and support imToken with NFT data, including data interface, NFT industry report, data service
  • imToken will integrate NFTGO into its resource list and support all NFTGO users with links to imToken wallets…

Phishing websites

An introduction on how to start with using BSC on the imToken wallet

What is BSC?

How to download the imToken wallet?


Chainlink, a decentralized oracle protocol, goes live on Optimism

What is DAS?

How to download the imToken wallet?

Today we give you a few simple steps to reduce most of your security risks of being in crypto.

One-time setup to start staying more secure

Look yourself up on haveibeenpwned.com

We present our finalists for the “Adventure Guide to the World of Crypto” co-organized by imToken & StaFi

The finalists

Key Takeaway

  • Your assets in the DApp and imToken are safe and secure (We are not able to change any of your assets, either in the wallet or in the DApp)
  • If you have ever marked your…


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